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        Yancheng shield Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, is a professional production of agricultural machinery of the modern emerging enterprises. Products 1GQD-X series rotary tiller, 1JSN-X Series paddy crop buried beater, 1JSLB-X series can shift paddy crop buried beater, beater folding paddy field, 1ZFL-X double stubble cultivating joint site preparation machine, uniaxial stubble soil preparation machines, biaxial stubble cultivating joint site preparation machines, Kubota Yanmar harvester accessories. The company has a branch and a warm hospitality, excellent technology, to levy war at the same time have experienced, skilled, well-trained and strong sense of responsibility and independent product research and development capabilities of engineers and technicians. Busy season, and actively cooperate with the company, day and night service in the field of agricultural operations, rapid and timely……
      Tel:13485219600 / 18796559218
      Contact: Gaosheng.Ma
      Address: Jiangsu Jianhu high for the town Industrial Zone

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      Address: Jiangsu Jianhu high for the town Industrial Zone Phone:0515-86269662 Tel:13485219600 / 18796559218 Contact: Gaosheng.Ma